Got Questions?

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about how to use Build Better Bricks, ordering parts and other commonly asked questions.


Where do I order parts from?

After you have the instructions, you'll need to order/locate the necessary parts. First, see what, if any, parts you already have in your LEGO collection that you can use. We recommend ordering the remaining LEGO parts you need from Bricklink.com. Some LEGO parts can also be bought from your local LEGO store, the LEGO Shop online Pick A Brick and BrickOwl.com.

How much will it cost to order the parts I need?

The cost to purchase each of the models we provide instructions for will vary by model, parts and time you purchase them. Typically parts cost about 10¢ per piece, on average, when ordered from Bricklink.com. However, we suggest first seeing if you already own any of the pieces required before placing any orders at Bricklink. Cost of parts can varying based on the color, type and availability of each of the parts. However, from our experience the parts end up costing an average of 10¢ per piece. So, if a model requires 250 pieces, we would estimate the cost for parts to be around $25. 

How do I order the parts from Bricklink?

We have made a step by step tutorial showing you how to order all the parts you need for our MOCs that have instructions. Click here to view how to order parts.

What is an alternate build?

An alternate build is when you can build something different out of the same parts from an existing official LEGO set.